Smart Door Lock Management System

Smart door lock management system are the high tech products that can be implemented in any door to monitor and secure the activities of the door.

This Smart door locks uses the stable performance, superior features of smart RF card as a key to open the door. The microcomputer control system inside the lock is safe and reliable, energy efficient, advanced technology, convenient operation and easy to manage multi-functional intelligent locks.

It has board scope of application, can be used for hotels, guesthouses, organs and departments, offices, residential and so on.


The system can control

  • Activities on room door
  • Room electricity
  • Room water


 Advantage of the Smart Door Lock Management System 

  • Gives detail report on door activity. 
  • Control against theft inside the room.
  • Increase the security of the room and gusts.
  • Control unnecessary cost of electricity inside the room. 
  • Control unnecessary cost of water inside the room.
  • Control unattended overflow of water inside the room.
  • Increase the Quality and standard of the hotel.


 How Smart Door Lock Management System Works?